How Can Lifting Weights Make You Healthier


How Can Lifting Weights Make You Healthier

Weight lifting is commonly associated with getting stronger and adding muscle, rather than the fundamentals it offers your body. Weight lifting is known to give your body additional health benefits, rather than extra muscle for those looking to fill out their t-shirts. This is for both men and women, as they should both be encouraged to start using the free weights and start some resistance training.

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Metabolism is a word that is regularly thrown about when it comes to weight loss and becoming healthier. In order for your body to lose weight, you need to speed up your metabolism. This allows your body to burn calories regularly and consistently. Now how does lifting weight improve it?

Once you have lifted weights your muscles need feeding with the correct nutrients in order to grow and repair, which results in a steady and consistent calorie burn. Even physical activities such as running, rowing and swimming burn calories during workouts, weight lifting burn calories during and even after your workout.

Healthy Joints & Heart

As we get older it is guaranteed our joints will begin to ache with the different amount of activity we witness over our lifetime. Weight lifting has been proven to aid those with arthritis and women during a menopause. Muscles provide an extra comfort and cushion to your joints, as well as a shock absorber. So the bigger your muscle the healthier your joints will become. As well as giving your body healthy joints, resistance training, or weight lifting gets your blood flowing. It is known to reduce the chances of having a stroke by an incredible 40%, as well as decreases your chances of having a heart attack.

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Better Diets

When you exercise and truly understand what is needed your diet tends to mirror your workout. Those who follow a good solid, 3-4 day a week work out tend to take advantage of any dietary needs. To make the most out of your workout eating well plays a pivotal role and a large percentage understand the necessity of both a strict diet and fitness routine.

Not only do workouts benefit your diet, but it can help with your eating needs. Working out requires your body to eat regularly, but in small portions, making you feel less inclined to eating large amounts of food at a time.

Exercise Boosts Your Mood & Energy

Have you ever felt lethargic after eating a calorie fuelled, fat filled meal? Junk foods bring trans fats into your body and are associated with various different health problems. That is not the only problem as your cholesterol levels will also increase. Cholesterol forms when the fats from your food deposits itself within your arteries, causing them to stiffen.

Your arteries are not the only part of your body to become filled, as saturated fats can damage the vessels within your bloody, causing high levels of inflammation.

As your body begins to feel empty and lethargic, your routine will suffer causing your workouts to be pointless, empty and unbeneficial. Incorporating both a good strong workout, a steady continuous amount of hydration and a balanced diet will provide a stable foundation for weight loss.

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