Celebrities Using HGH: Here’s What You Need to Know


The use of human growth hormone (HGH) has made some Hollywood celebrities go crazy over the recent past. These include filmmakers, top stars, and studio executives. They claim some benefits including fewer wrinkles, ripped abs, increased sex drive, and more energy just to mention a few. With many anti-aging clinics recommending it for free, one may wonder if HGH is safe and effective or it is just an expensive placebo.

Celebrities Using HGH

Here are some reasons why some celebrities use HGH:

• Treatment for hormone deficiency

Doctors may prescribe HGH injections to patients suffering from a hormone deficiency. Some celebrities claim it boosts their energy levels and makes them feel younger. Unlike the junk kind of foods used by athletes, celebrities would go for something like that. HGH is banned in Olympic and other sport activities but not for celebrities. They probably think so! Most people who use HGH sing its praises, claiming it makes them feel and look stronger and sharper.

• Enhances recovery

A former studio executive said that after developing a sore knee, a friend suggested HGH. After using it, he reported to feel great the following day. And it was invigorating too.

• Energy and Balance

Alana Stewart, an active member of the Hollywood social scene said she definitely a difference on her skin. She reported of improved energy and helped her kind of feel more balanced. Before she started using the treatment, she had started noticing a few gray hairs coming in. There were no gray hairs when she was taking it, Stewart said.

• Anti-aging remedy

According to Dr. Uzzi Reiss, a Beverly Hills physician, HGH can provide a number of benefits when administered properly. They include reduce wrinkles, reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass and bone density. It also improves one’s libido, mood, and sense of vitality to make someone feel and look younger.

• Promotes growth and development

Doctors started injecting severely undersized children with hormone extracted from human cadavers in the late 1950s. The protein produced by the pituitary gland stimulates the growth of cells, tissues, bones, and muscles. The supplies were limited and restricted to some patients. In 1985, the FDA approved the use of synthetic HGH which produced similar results.

HGH Downsides 

While most celebrities acknowledge to have benefited from HGH use, only a few have stepped forward to demonstrate its downsides. The only major key players include, Nick Nolte, Oliver Stones, and Sylvester Stallone. Shortcomings include:

• High cost

People who rely on HGH for whatever reason end up spending more than $10,000 per year. In fact, it is one of the reason why it not approved by the FDA on top of safety and effectiveness.

• Growing Pains

While the modern iteration of HGH became popular after FDA approval, joint pain and swelling are some of the side effects associated with its use. However, these tend to be mild but treatable.

• Long-term risks

The long-term risks associated with HGH treatment are very concerning. Recipients who received the initial treatments are continually monitored by endocrinologists. With over 30 years of data, researchers have identified a few concerning trends, including an increased risk of heart failure, diabetes, and cancer. Glucose intolerance is thought to be the main cause of diabetes.

Hollywood Celebrities Taking HGH

Youths with perfect bikini bodies and ripped abs are Hollywood’s most valuable assets. According to Vanity Fair, stars of certain age are starting to use HCH, to get a youthful glow. Among those on the list is 70-year-old Nick Nolte.

65-year-old Suzanne Somers also confirmed in an interview with INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret. Somers said that she use it to keep her bones and muscles strong. She has been advocating it for years and brands it as a new kind of medicine.

Famed director of Oliver Stone and Sylvester Stallone are also said to have been taking HGH. However, Stallone once defended himself against using HGH because of the way people perceived it as archaic. He said, “it’s amino acids.”

In reference to Vanity Fair, most Hollywood celebrities go to Dr. Uzzi Reiss in Beverly Hills for a dose of HGH.

At 67, Dr. Reiss, who also uses HGH claims he has a full social life while most of his friends are declining.

The Bottom Line

Some Hollywood celebrities will go for a youthful look at any price. They are ready to pay big dollars in order to enhance their bodies. Some anti-aging specialists would recommend HGH because the get a piece from the lucrative deals. Unfortunately, there are many losers than beneficiaries when it comes to the use of HGH. Injecting yourself in the belly and not training and eating responsibly will rip you apart. This is according to Gunner Peterson, a personal trainer who has coached celebs including Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Penelope Cruz. To learn more about HGH and its uses here’s a useful site.

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