Something Stuck In Little Boy’s Ear. Now Watch What Doctor Pulls Out of It


Something Stuck In Little Boy’s Ear. Now Watch What Doctor Pulls Out of It

Children are well-known for their curious nature, which includes curiosity about their own bodies. Over the years, there have been many documented cases of children sticking objects in their mouth, nose, belly button and even their ear. While these objects sometimes come out on their own or with a little prodding, sometimes a medical professional is needed to get the job done.

Something Stuck In Little Boy's Ear. Now Watch What Doctor Pulls Out of It

Such was the case for a Northampton boy named Lewis, who went with his Gran, Sheila King, to the doctor after confessing to breaking a pencil in half and sticking it in his ear. Lewis didn’t tell his Gran until one week after the pencil had become stuck, causing him pain and difficulty in hearing. Doctors were extremely concerned about the incident as it could cause an infection and permanent hearing loss.


The doctor worked hard to remove the pencil from Lewis’ ear, which was lodged more tightly than originally thought. As the doctor worked in the ear, he slowly drew out a small object. What was at first thought to be a pencil, turned out to be a watch battery.


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Removing the watch battery was only part of the problem. When Lewis put the battery in his ear, it created a hole in his ear drum. Fortunately, ear drums are much like skin and repair themselves, normally within six weeks of the injury. Lewis is expected to make a full recovery and was sent back home, with careful instructions to not place items in his ear anymore.

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