Low tension or low sugar? How to differentiate them and what to do


Low tension or low sugar? How to differentiate them and what to do

In many occasions, it is common to confuse low sugar with low blood pressure, but what symptoms differentiate them and how can we distinguish them? Discover what to do

Sometimes, when we walk down the street, in our homes, or in the office, we feel somewhat dizzy. And immediately we think: “will it be that I have low blood pressure … or maybe my body is lacking sugar?”. The truth is that each one has its symptoms and can be differentiated. In the following lines, we will explain what you can do in each of these cases.

On this occasion we will shed the symptoms of low blood pressure, also called hypotension in medical jargon, and the lowering of sugar, known to health professionals as hypoglycemia.

Diferencias entre la tension baja y el azucar bajo

But first, we must specify that hypotension, or low blood pressure, arises when our blood pressure tends to be decreased, is definitely much lower than usual. Because of this, our vital organ, the heart, in addition to the brain and other parts of the body, are not receiving enough blood. Normally, our blood pressure should be between 90/60 mmHg and 120/80 mmHg, according to various experts and according to normal blood pressure values.

For its part, hypoglycemia occurs when there is a generalized decrease in blood sugar in our body (glucose). When the sugar in our body is at 70 mg / dL (3.9 mmol / L) it can be said that it is low and can be harmful.

Tension baja

The differences between low blood pressure and decreased sugar in our bodies are in their symptoms. It is important to know the signs of these conditions, to know how to proceed and attack them.

Symptoms of low tension
We will begin with the symptoms of low tension, which tend to be very varied, but the most common is dizziness. Also, confusion, dizziness, nausea, and drowsiness usually occur when we suffer from hypotension.

All these manifestations are accompanied by body weakness, blurred vision, problems to maintain concentration, thirst and, in many cases, fainting.

With this last, we must take special care, since we could do damage when falling.

How to treat low tension?
The treatment for low blood pressure will depend on the person who suffers it and the symptoms. When it happens to a healthy person, this does not require more attention.

Lying down or sitting down, immediately, when you feel one of the symptoms of hypotension can be effective. It is also quite advisable to get a good glass of water, or take it regularly from time to time, and avoid especially the consumption of alcoholic beverages, as it will cause more dehydration.

Low blood pressure can become a condition that appears quite often in the person, while, in others, it happens unexpectedly and surprisingly. When this occurs, it may be due to pregnancy, hormonal problems, stress, heart failure, etc.

Symptoms of having low sugar
Now let’s talk about hypoglycemia, which can occur for three reasons: when the glucose in the body runs out very quickly and when a lot of insulin is released into the bloodstream.

The most common symptoms of this condition are blurred vision, fast and strong beats, headache, tiredness, hunger, and sweating.

The last two (hunger and sweating) appear when blood sugar levels are slightly low. The most serious symptoms are confusion and seizures, which usually indicate when the blood sugar is much lower.

What to do when we have low sugar?
What can you do? To raise blood sugar levels we can drink natural juices, take glucose tablets or consume some food.

One key, which many people use, is to eat a chocolate bar to raise glucose levels in the body.

A person, who when presenting symptoms of hypoglycemia, can make these disappear after 10 minutes taking the sugar intake.

Tratamiento de la hipoglucemia

It can be treated with changes in the person’s daily diet. And in case a tumor is found in the pancreas, it must be removed with an operation. If the operation can not be performed, the symptoms can be overcome with a drug called octeotide.

Some of the causes for which an individual may suffer from a low blood sugar is: alcohol consumption, some antibiotics and medications for the heart, heart failure and lack of a hormone, such as the so-called cortisol.

If the treatments for both conditions do not have an effect, the ideal is to attend a specialist doctor so that you can check yourself and do the respective exams.

In short, the main differences between hypotension and hypoglycemia:

Symptoms of having low blood pressure: dizziness, confusion, vertigo, nausea and drowsiness
Symptoms of having low blood sugar: blurred vision, fast and strong heartbeat, headache, tiredness, hunger, and sweating


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