New Plastic Surgery Statistics Reveal Focus on Face and Fat


New Plastic Surgery Statistics Reveal Focus on Face and Fat

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons have revealed there has been a three percent increase in cosmetic procedures this past year. In 2016, 17.1 million minimally invasive cosmetic procedures were accomplished. Not only are the numbers increasing, but the operations are changing.

The role of fat is playing a bigger role than ever in cosmetic surgeries. This is not just for reducing fat. More and more people are using their own body fat for body sculpting. Many Cosmos clinic reviews say this method is favorable. This is called fat grafting. The plastic surgeon takes fat from an unwanted area, often in the abdomen, and uses liposuction to remove it. They then inject it into the face, chest, or glutes to rejuvenate and lift it. Using a person’s own body fat is safe and because it is compatible with the body already, it lasts longer than other types of fillers.

Because they last longer, minimally invasive cosmetic fat injections have increased by 13 percent. Buttock augmentation using fat has increased 26 percent. And breast augmentation using fat grafting has increased a whopping 72 percent.

But it is not just cosmetic surgeries that use fat that are increasing in popularity. Fat “freezing” procedures and skin tightening procedures that are non-invasive both increased five percent respectively. Injection based procedures that target fat pockets increased 18 percent.

Facelifts are also making a comeback in popularity. Even though they dropped from the most popular five cosmetic procedures in 2015, they returned to the list in 2016. This is most likely because of people’s fascination with instant changes to the face, which is evident in picture filters on social media and the booming selfie culture. Facelifts give dramatic, long-lasting results, which is why they remain popular despite other alternatives.

Cosmetic surgical procedures rose by four percent in 2016, higher growth than the three percent of the non-invasive and minimally-invasive procedures. Three of the five most popular cosmetic procedures are done on the face. There were 1.8 million surgical cosmetic procedures performed in 2016.

Breast augmentation was the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in 2016, with over 290 thousand procedures completed. The next highest was liposuction, with over 235 thousand procedures completed. In third comes nose reshaping, eyelid surgery afterwards and lastly, facelifts.

Another procedure that is gaining popularity is labiaplasty, which is a plastic surgery that lifts and rejuvenates the labia by injecting fat or another filler into it.

Because cosmetic procedures are becoming more common and more safe over time, the popularity of procedures like labiaplasty will most likely rise. Only a decade ago, most people saw their plastic surgeons once every seven to ten years, just when they needed to do a major procedure. But as people become more comfortable with plastic surgery and more noninvasive procedures and minimally invasive procedures are available, more people are having a continuous, ongoing relationship with their plastic surgeons where they talk about all areas of their body that they would like to improve, even sensitive areas like the labia. The popularity of plastic surgery will most likely not drop anytime soon.

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