Manage Pain Effectively with THESE 7 Pressure Points

Manage Pain Effectively with THESE 7 Pressure Points

2. Hand Valley Point

The “Hand Valley Point” is located between the thumb and the pointer finger. Putting pressure on this area helps considerably with stress, migraines, headaches, and shoulder tension. It is also known to assist with toothache, neck pain, constipation, and removing excess heat from the body.

3. Inner Gate Point

This point is located on the wrist, about 3 cm from the crease in it. Locate the point, then use the thumb to massage it. Apply firm pressure for some time. This pressure point is known for treating nausea and even other factors such as indigestion issues, stomach and abdominal pain, menstrual cramps, and anxiety.

4. Wrist Point 1

On the wrist, there is a point just below the hand on the side of the little finger. Applying firm pressure to this point for a length of time will stimulate it and help alleviate stress. This stress relief is key for improving one’s emotional state.

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