Ouch! Watch How He Snaps Newborn’s Back to Fix Spinal Misalignment


Ouch! Watch How He Snaps Newborn’s Back to Fix Spinal Misalignment

Have you ever heard the phrase, “The best cure for colic is an abrupt spine snap?” Probably not, but that’s exactly what you’re going to see in this video. A mother brought her newborn baby in to see this doctor for colic. Colic is a condition in which a baby cries constantly no matter what the parents try to do for him or her. So many things can cause a baby to have colic that it is sometimes difficult to diagnose. This doctor somehow figured out that a spinal misalignment was causing the baby to to have pain in her back.


To remedy the situation, the doctor had to do something that will make you cringe or scream when you see it. He had to put the baby in his lap and extend her across his knee. Once he extended the baby across his knee, he applied pressure until he snapped the baby’s spine into place. You will experience a guaranteed cringe when it occurs in the video.

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The baby was quite shocked by the sudden snap, and she started crying right away. The tears only lasted for a few seconds, however, and it was probably just because of the shock of what the doctor had done. Afterward, her crying stopped. The colic was cured instantly. Back snapping may not be a traditional cure for colic, but in this case, it worked. Anything that ends up soothing the baby and stopping his or her crying is a positive thing.

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