2 Quick Ways To Treat Your Sinuses At Home


2 Quick Ways To Treat Your Sinuses At Home

Sinusitis (sinus disease) occurs when the sinuses become inflamed, typically caused by a bacterial infection. However, fungi and viruses can also be a cause of this condition. Acute sinus disease causes bothersome symptoms that can be present for up to eight weeks. Thankfully, there are natural remedies that are effective in relieving the symptoms associated with sinusitis to keep you more comfortable while your body fights the infection.


Sinusitis is often mistaken for a bad cold as they have similar symptoms such as headache, facial pain, nasal congestion and runny nose. Sinus disease differs from a cold because it may result from a bacterial infection that often requires use of antibiotics to kill the germs causing the infection.

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Sinuses are air-filled cavities that are located behind your forehead and eyebrows, within the bony structure of your cheek, on either side of the bridge of your nose, and behind your nose in front of the brain. Healthy sinuses are lined with a thin layer of mucus that traps germs, dust and other particles in the air. They are then swept by hair-like projections within the sinuses toward the back of the throat where they are eliminated via the stomach. When an individual has sinus disease, this normal flow of mucous and particles is stopped, trapping mucous in the sinuses, which causes the uncomfortable symptoms of sinusitis.

Natural Relief of Sinusitis Symptoms

Using natural remedies when you first notice symptoms of sinusitis can lessen the duration of this condition. Unbelievably as it may seem, the two natural remedies we will explore have actually been proven to be effective in symptom relief.

#1 – Hard Boiled Egg

It typically only takes two days to see the results of this natural remedy for the sinuses. All you need is one boiled egg and a cotton towel.


  • Boil the egg and leave the peel on.
  • While hot, wrap the egg in the cotton towel and place it on your forehead, between your eyes. (The warmer the egg is; the better results you will see)
  • Leave the egg in place until it begins to cool.
  • Throw the egg away when cooled. Avoid eating the egg, as it has been stated this can cause your symptoms to reappear.

#2 – Flushing the Nasal Passages

Spencer C. Payne, MD, an associate professor of otolaryngology at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville’s head and neck surgery department has stated that there is much debate about which sinus pain remedies have been proven to work, but saline spray and washes similar to the neti pot are indisputable. Saline washes have been studies and were proven effective in relieving symptoms associated with sinusitis. A saline wash helps to thin mucus and flush it out of your nasal passages. Using a saline solution with a neti pot or other device daily helps to keep your sinuses moist. If you are fighting sinus symptoms related to a cold or allergies, is it recommended to double up on the use of saline solution each day.

These natural and effective remedies to relieve sinus pain and congestion are safe at any age and have no reported adverse effects. Using these remedies initially can keep you up and moving while your body fights the infection for you. However, these are in no way a cure for sinus disease. If symptoms worsen or accompanied with fever or other signs of infection, you should consult a healthcare professional.

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