Want To Have A Happier Tomorrow? Start Doing These 5 Things Before Bed!


Want To Have A Happier Tomorrow? Start Doing These 5 Things Before Bed!

The importance of getting a good night’s sleep cannot be overstated or overrated. It has been touted for generations as the key to beauty, sharpness and, as more recent studies also suggest, happiness.

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First things first, respect the clock
There is more than one clock at work other than the alarm clock next to your bed. That is your body clock. It is a real thing. It responds to consistency. That is, it will start to feel tired at a certain time each night and naturally wake up at a certain time each morning. Your body’s natural clock is so responsive and consistent that you may find you no longer need that alarm clock next to your bed. So, stick to a schedule and keep it on the weekends, on vacation, on holidays. Go to bed at about the same time every night and, within a short time, you’ll notice that you start to feel tired at that time and will fall asleep naturally. The rhythm will be set.

Don’t drink too much and not just for health reasons
What you drink and the amount that you drink before going to bed each night can greatly impact the quality of your rest. If you drink too much water or any non-alcoholic beverage, you will surely be waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. That will disrupt a good night’s sleep. Also, you may feel that drinking alcohol will make you tired and be conducive to sleep. However, the opposite is true. Drinking alcohol before bed may put you to sleep but it will not lead to the true, unadulterated rest that your body needs.

Never go to bed hungry
Not eating enough can cause hunger pains. It can also cause you to think about how hungry you are. All of these things will prevent you from falling asleep because you are simply uncomfortable. Eat a healthy meal. Eat a snack if you want but, of course, not one that contains too much sugar or caffeine. Still, be comfortable and not hungry by the time you are ready to go to sleep.

Give your pet their own bed
We all love our cats and dogs and creatures who are a part of our family. Still, letting them sleep in our beds is one of the surefire ways to disrupt our body’s rest time. Don’t do it. Instead, give your beloved animal his or her very own sleep haven. Make it comfortable and warm and a place that he or she wants to relax each night. Train your pet to go to their own bed at bed time each evening. This will ensure that no one is licking, barking, meowing, scratching or otherwise disrupting your sleep. It is crucial that you are not awoken by anyone or anything at night. Otherwise, your body is disrupted and your mind is disrupted, neither of which leads to a happy body or mind the next morning.

Lastly, reflect on the day each night
Whatever happened that upset you, put it down in a journal and leave it to the universe to take care of. There is nothing you can do about it now and the best way to get the best night’s sleep is to leave your worries in a journal or prayer book before you let your head hit the pillow. Also, don’t forget to remember the good things and everything you are thankful for. That is the best way to go to bed each night happy and, of course, the best way to wake up happy.

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