Top 12 Powerful Foods That Burn Fat, Alleviate Sore Muscles And Speed Up Your Metabolism


Certain foods really deserve constant attention and promotion in the world of fitness and healthy diet, and they should be consumed more often, especially if you need more power or want to lose some weight and fit in those jeans. If perhaps you do not see any progress and you’ve already changed your habits and lifestyle when it comes to nutrition and physical activity, it is possible that you need a higher dose of some of these ‘super’ foods.

Top 12 Powerful Foods That Burn Fat, Alleviate Sore Muscles And Speed Up Your Metabolism

We are not talking about some overly exotic foods that are not easily accessible, but about everyday foods that deserve a little more of our attention, so just try to include them in your everyday meals. What’s great is that all of these foods are incredibly tasty!

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Read and learn about these 12 foods and decide how and when to include them into your diet.

Oat flakes – They provide you with energy, so you won’t collapse before going for a run, and they will certainly help you resist temptation for evening snacks.

– Be sure to have this delicious treat before and during longer workouts, it will give you a boost of energy. It’s a great snack, alone or combined with oatmeal or cereal.

Banana – Excellent replacement for sports drinks because it is rich in potassium and contains complex carbohydrates that feed your body with energy. Also, almost everyone loves bananas!

Ginger – Prevents dizziness and reduces muscle pain by 20%. You can combine it with lemon, cucumber, mint and water to get a healthy, refreshing drink, excellent for body cleansing and metabolism boosting.

Cherries – They neutralize free radicals and thereby contribute to faster recovery after physical activity.

Turmeric – Natural pain reliever, great for inflammatory skin conditions and infected wounds. It is the main spice in curry.

Eggs – A rich source of amino acid leucine, help you recover and build muscles, so it is good to consume them after a workout.

Salmon or tuna – High protein foods that will accelerate the growth of your muscles!

Avocado – It is very low in sugar and contains fiber, which will help you feel full longer.

Pistachios – Prevent appetite and hunger after a workout with this food, without piling on the calories.

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Beetroot – It will help you achieve more with less effort during a workout, and we all know that it has a positive effect on the blood work. Include it in your smoothies.

Coconut oil – You can include it in your daily diet in so many ways, and its benefits are inevitable. Use cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, which can be bought in health food stores.

These foods do not require any special preparation, they are delicious when combined with each other, and there’s no reason not to consume them every day. So, always have them in your pantry! Some studies have shown that these foods make you stronger, speed up your metabolism, burn fat and even alleviate sore muscles, so you have nothing to worry about when you start with your workout the next day. Be prepared, well fed, strong and healthy

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