These Vitamins Prevent Muscle Cramps Before They Happen


These Vitamins Prevent Muscle Cramps Before They Happen

Sometimes you can feel the tingling in your achilles tendon or lower calf and prepare yourself mentally for what’s to come, while other times it comes upon suddenly, as if you’ve been shot in the back of the leg. More than likely it’s our old friend the “Charley Horse”. You’d think something with such a benign name wouldn’t be so incredibly painful, but it is. You stretch your leg, pull your toes back, and pound the knot that has made its home in your calf. And, you perform all of these acrobatics while trying not to wake your partner, as it inevitably happens at three in the morning.It doesn’t have to be this way. If you suffer from muscle cramps, there are natural remedies easily available that will not only relieve your suffering, but stop “Charley” from making those midnight calls once and for all.


There are three main causes of muscle cramps:
Inadequate blood supply, nerve compression, and mineral depletion. Also, you may be at risk of muscle cramps if you are older, are dehydrated, pregnant, or have a medical condition such as diabetes, nerve or liver disorders, or thyroid problems. However, most chronic muscle cramping conditions can be limited to two areas: mineral depletion and hydration.

Many people do not receive enough essential minerals through their diets to help with muscle cramps, while at the same time consuming too much processed foods, refined sugar, and dairy products. These will only inflame the muscles. Calcium was thought to help with cramping, but guzzling milk won’t relieve this condition.
If ol’ Charley is still making nightly visits, try juicing. A great recipe includes two carrots, two celery sticks, half of a cucumber, and a cup of broccoli. Blend and drink up! Obviously, you probably need more variety, so alternate this recipe with other green juices such as kale and spinach.

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Also, certain vitamins and minerals help muscle function, such as potassium and magnesium. Increasing magnesium intake can help eliminate the frequency of night time leg cramps. 300 milligrams of magnesium are recommended, and supplements can help you reach this daily allowance. If you are not a supplement person, eating foods plentiful in magnesium such as nuts, lentils, and quinoa, also helps eliminate recurring muscle cramps. Runners know to stock up on potassium, so you’ll find them eating plenty of bananas before and after a race, or, you can try a 200 milligram supplement.

Finally, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Water consumption is critical to staving off muscle cramps. Many people can’t drink much water, but make it a habit to stop by the water fountain at work as often as possible and start your day with a big glass. Muscles love water, so show them some love by keeping hydrated.
Juicing and hydrating will do wonders if muscle cramps are a problem. Try it and make “Charley” a distant memory.

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